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Fall Volleyball 2018



The season-ending tournament will take place on October 20th and 21st.  The league will also be sending this information to coaches this week as well as posting it on the front page of the web site.

Per your direction, each individual bracket will be playing all of their tournament games at a single site.  This may cause issues for coaches that are the head coach for multiple teams.  We will try to work around this, but it might not be possible in all cases and as we mentioned at the last member meeting, each team needs to have an assistant coach to help out in this case.  As a group, coordinators felt having each bracket play all games on a single day was more important than potential issues of coaches with multiple teams.

Here are a few other facts about the tournament:

  1. All tournament games will either be played at SportsPlus in Evendale or SportsExpress in Mason.  We appreciate those who gave us gym time for the tournament, but using a larger facility is the only way to pull off these single day tournaments and have a chance for head coaches to coach multiple teams.
  2. As with regular season games, each coach will need to pay the referee $13, both teams should provide a lines person, and the "home team" should work the scoreboard.  The home team is always the higher seed.
  3. Individual medals will be given out to players on the 1st and 2nd place teams.
  4. Due to a few crossover games between 3rd/4th rec teams and 3rd/4th athletic teams, those games will not be taken into consideration for tournament seeding.
  5. Because the 5th/6th grade divisions are so large, we will not be moving any rec teams up to athletic nore athletic teams down to rec for the tournament.  However, we might move a few 3rd/4th rec teams who seem to be dominating up to the athletic division.  That is yet to be determined.  We will look at the results of some of the crossover games to make that determination and if we see some 3rd/4th grade rec teams competing well or even beating athletic teams, we will move them up for the tournament.
  6. The recreational divisions will be split into 8 team brackets (for the most part) based on regular season winning percentage across all pods.  So the "best" 8 teams will play in the A bracket, the next "best" 8 teams will play in the B bracket, etc ...  This is the same methodology we have used in the past.
  7. Once the schedule is release we CANNOT change it.  We have such a small window for these games, there can be absolutely no changes.  If a team cannot make it, they will need to forfeit the match.
  8. Any team not wanting to participate in the tournament needs to notify the league NO LATER THAN October 7th.
  9. The rough schedule will be posted on the web site around October 10th.  Since we are only playing a 6 week schedule, we are going to try something new this year and that is to take into consideration all 6 weeks when seeding teams (we have done this after the 5th week in the past).  We feel we have the systems in place to do this quickly and will try it this year.  The last game of the season is at 4pm on Sunday, October 14th.  We will begin seeding teams and assigning them to tournament brackets at 7pm that evening.  Any scores logged after that will not be taken into consideration so it is incumbent upon the coaches to log scores.  We will have the entire tournament schedule available on the web site by Tuesday evening, October 16th.



Welcome to IH Rec. VOLLEYBALL 



We are working on commitments for facility location(s) and hours before beginning practices.

This will be our third season in the Cincinnati Premier Youth Volleyball League. This will be a 10 match season that begins September 7th and ends Oct.14. Then a single elimination tournament on the weekend of Oct. 19-20-21. Please check out their website www.cpyvl.com for more info.


The IH Rec. Volleyball is open to all girls entering 3-6th grade this upcoming school year.  We will have home and away games throughout the season.  All games and practices are usually held in the IH Middle School gym.  The girls will be provided a uniform t-shirt and will need to supply their own Volleyball kneepads and black spandex shorts.  Practices are twice a week based on coaches preference (Monday-Thursday) after jr.high volleyball games or practices.






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